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One person cannot change the world
but we can change the world for one person
Dr. Ray examining the eyes of a local Tibetan patient
Dr. Ray with a local patient

What We Do

The Big Idea

To support, help and encourage very needy Tibetan and Chinese people affected by poverty, earthquakes, and the severe climate in a mountainous and remote area of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China.

The Need

Extreme poverty and harsh conditions in the area lead to lack of, or very limited access to basic healthcare, housing, education, sanitation, training in basics skills etc.

Following many years of collaborative projects in Dengke, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China – the local people, doctors, teachers and government officials suggested we help the needs of the local people on a longer term basis. This included leprosy rehabilitation, medicine, education, eco-tourism, water and general engineering. To these ends a local medic, Dr WuJin, donated a large plot of land, free of charge, in the centre of Dengke.

The Vision

The vision to set up an “International Friendship Centre” in Dengke has now become a reality with help from many donors and the Care and Share Foundation. The Kunde Foundation were to first come alongside and were subcontracted to help with providing medical personnel. Now other Groups are involved too. This has been done in full collaboration with the local people, with integrated links to existing facilities, so that as required:

  • Leprosy patients can be met, loved and helped
  • A home can be provided for a limited number of orphans
  • A Library and Resource Centre is available for all
  • Clean water and sanitation projects can be pioneered and explored
  • Solar and wind energy techniques can be demonstrated and evaluated
  • Volunteer friends such as doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, farmers, etc can be located in a secure environment
  • Training and computer resources are available for local doctors and teachers
  • Improved communications can be provided by provision of office facilities and satellite links
  • Tele-medicine trials can be pioneered, with the hospital, linking patients with remote monitoring centres for diagnostic purposes
  • Kitchen garden and pig/yak renewal projects can be planned


Teams of volunteers have been travelling to Dengke for over 20 years to provide aid and assistance to the locals.

Because of the extreme remoteness of the town, many wonder how Dengke became the destination for these "mercy missions."

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Friendship Centre

The International Friendship Centre is established in the heart of Dengke to better enable teams in aiding and assisting the locals through the provision of improved facilities: a place to see patients, welcome friends and visitors, provide teaching and training, and serve as accommodation for the teams of volunteers.

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