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One person cannot change the world
but we can change the world for one person

Meet the Team

The core team members (below) voluntarily bring their valuable expertise and experience year after year to help meet the varying needs of the local people. Each time they are accompanied by a number of other volunteers, mostly from the UK but also from all over the world. Find out more about these volunteers and maybe even how you become one of them and join us on an expedition.

  • Mel Richardson
    Professor Mel Richardson MBE

    Originator, Leader and Project Chairman

  • Glyn Davies
    Glyn Davies

    Administration and Deputy to Project Leader

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    Val Owen

    Healthcare and Physiotherapy Specialist

  • Photo Comming Soon
    Dr David Vernon

    Team Doctor and Medical Leader

  • Photo Comming Soon
    John Glasby

    Builder & Specialist Construction

  • Photo Comming Soon
    Phil Martin

    Electrician specialising in all Electrical Installations

Friendship Centre

The International Friendship Centre is established in the heart of Dengke to better enable teams in aiding and assisting the locals through the provision of improved facilities: a place to see patients, welcome friends and visitors, provide teaching and training, and serve as accommodation for the teams of volunteers.

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Dengke is a small rural town on the banks of the River Yangtze, hidden away on the Tibetan Plateau in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, China.

The remoteness, isolation and surrounding mountainous area bring many challenges for locals.

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